the jackpot
is about as lucky as
hitting the back of a toilet
after you have already lost it all.
after all
that you have worked for
is put back (generously)
into society’s greedy hands
by way of bright lights
and deceiving
on a digital screen.

as if you already put your life
on the line everyday
when you wake up to smell the coffee,
and make a wonderful lunch
because breakfast has become a hassle thus,
waiting for dinner
leaving snacks to rot
in your belly, just
so you can put it away

again and again and again.

as if the reels became your home,
those lucky sevens dance
as much as they want
in your face,
but you never seem
to grasp them quick enough.
you keep spinning
round and round you go
until finally
with all the work
you put in to get there, hope
is the only elixir
to achieve a bonus
you crave the most
to keep you going.

but what is
the ‘craving”
most applicable to?
the work at which you sought out
in the first place?
the end result
you wish to achieve?
or in between BARS
that you sorely
choose to settle for?

i say grab the white flag
and recuperate yourself
before a deadman’s ghost
haunts your every last penny of worth
before he tears you apart
and gives you a broken down home
where a prosperous family
used to live,
where everything in life
becomes colors and bonuses
and loud noises while
you see everyone else
already winning,

THIS IS A FACADE it (should’ve) said.

as if the facade was enough
to lure you win,
as if the facade should’ve been enough
to push you out of misery,
as if clouds of smoke could rise
to clear your air,
as if a rope of hope could be set at your feet
to give you a right path,
but the buy-in was too grand and
loud noises chipped in your last dollar
to push the lever down leaving all
you loved and cherished
in a pissed in pool of everything short
of W I N N I N G.



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